This is what happens to your suitcase after you check in

My luggage did not arrive to my destination – the nightmare of every traveller.

Moj kofer i ja spremni za put

Always take your hand luggage, Foto: Instagram

Have you ever wondered why this is happening and what goes wrong so that your suitcase ends up in Milan instead of, for example in Paris? This often happens on connecting flights but you can lose your luggage even on direct flights – and that is always bad news!

The best piece of advice anyone can give you is to always have your hand luggage equipped with things you absolutely need that day and maybe the day after – underwear, toiletries (pay attention to liquid restrictions), at least one pair of shoes and one complete outfit. This is a must if you are facing an important meeting upon arrival – you do not want to attend the meeting dressed the way you travelled, in your tracksuit and trainers, or to rush to find something that you could wear and waste both money and time.

Also, there is a relatively new way of making sure you always know where your suitcase is – suitcase trackers. The most popular ones are Trakdot and LugLoc and they both cost $70 (ok, ok, $69.99).

Most people want to know one thing – what happens to their suitcase after they check in and before they pick it up from the carousel at the destination. Videos below explain this process in detail.


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  • Your bag might also be subjected to other checks, including sniffer dogs, X-ray and laser scanners and machinery designed to detect trace amounts of banned substances.

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This is what happens to your suitcase after you check in