Author - Anja

You are not sure whether to go to Serbia? This video will help you with the answer!

National Tourism Organisation of Serbia has uploaded a promotional video called “The Danube in Serbia: 588 Impressions”, which is most certainly one of the most effective marketing moves of this organisation.

The entire Serbia is presented through a journey along the Danube, which is, as said in the video description, “the only of large European rivers that flows from west to east”.

The journey along the Danube is described like “a visit to a museum of European history, filled with ‘exhibits’ of natural rarities, deep layers of cultural heritage, colourful lifestyles, events, tourist offers and attractions”

Ideal for last minute trips: Top 5 hotels in Turkey

top hotels in turkey

I am a huge fan of Turkey, Turkish service and Turkish hotels. If you want to go somewhere to sunbathe and enjoy 7/10/14 days and don’t think about anything, especially not about whether you will have enough money until the end of your holiday – Turkey is the right choice for you, especially now, at the end of the summer when the prices are significantly lower. Read More

My America – a story about a dream come true

Grand Canyon

I had been meaning to go on a US road trip for years, but the reality of making it happen was, as always, a bit more complicated than one would hope. However, a strong will and a few months of thorough planning helped make an idea become a ‘dream come true’ which is why we are now here and why I am making this post the first one on my blog. In the posts to come, every destination will be covered separately – plus there are many more to come, from whole wide world. Read More