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Caribbean ports of call – what to see, and what to pass

Caribbean ports of call

I’ve said it once – I’ll say it again: cruising is awesome! It is the way to vacation for a plethora of reasons, one (and perhaps my favorite one) being – ability to visit multiple destinations and experience different cultures, but pack and unpack only once! I absolutely take advantage of the fact that I live in Florida and have been able to book some cheap cruises (albeit mostly to the Caribbean). While I know there’s a whole world out there for me to discover (and I plan to!), this post focuses on the experience I have had with Caribbean ports of call I have visited. Some are a must see, others are, sadly, a must skip. Read More

How to & how much: Detailed guide to organizing a road trip in the US


The very first post on this blog talks about our trip to the US and it’s appropriately titled “A story about a dream come true” – and what a dream that was – road trip across the US was a vacation I’ve always dreamed of and hoped it would happen, but I honestly wasn’t sure it would ever become a reality. If this is something you dream about, this guide will be helpful, regardless of whether you are a resident of the US, or reside elsewhere – in my case, Europe. Read More

How to lose 17kg in two and a half months


I have been fighting the weight battle for years (10 to be exact) – unsuccessfully most of the time. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, I ate as much as I did before, i.e. when I didn’t have excess weight, I didn’t eat more than other “normal” (non-fat) people and yet I kept gaining weight. Read More